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LED RC Car With Gesture Sensing

$89.99 $179.99 SAVE $90.00
LED RC Car With Gesture Sensing

LED RC Car With Gesture Sensing

$89.99 $179.99 SAVE $90.00

Bring A Smile To Your Child's Face With A Toy They've Never Seen Before!

Aren't you tired of old, boring RC cars based on a concept that has existed since you were a teenager? If he answered yes, then RC-Auto™️ could be just for you!

Let us all face a moment of truth. We all grew up wanting to drive a race car and settled for a hatchback or sedan instead. Talk about a far cry from our childhood fantasy. 

Our kids have got ideas of their own. Something more akin to those off-road vehicles that climb mountains and spit mud. But they’re only ten, so off-roading is out. 

We compromised and got a remote-controlled car that’s supposed to be tough as nails and do it all. Flip, twist, turn… only it moves at a snail’s pace. And those fancy turns are more like a gentle nudge.

Our kid was running it on the gravel yesterday. It skidded into the grass, flipped over, and broke. It’s not even tough as a cotton ball let alone a nail.

This double-sided stunt car drives fast, comes with 4WD, and easily transforms from an off-road vehicle into a sports car.



  • Omni-directional. This car can flip, twist, tilt, and turn in every direction. It’s got about million axles that let you move it any which way you choose.
  • 2-in-1. It transforms from an off-road vehicle into a sports car. Switching it around is easy and only takes a few seconds.
  • Double-sided. So this car can literally drive upside down if you want it to. Flip it over, and it will keep rolling. Obstacles can’t stop it.
  • Remote control. Speed it up, slow it down, and switch between your off-road and sports cars without having to get up off the couch.
  • Drives fast. This can actually go up to 15 miles per hour. That’s pretty impressive for a car like this. Nothing can slow it down.
  • 4 wheel drive. It’s not a real car, but it’s not far off. It actually has 4 wheel drive, so it stays sturdy even over rough terrain.
  • LED lights When the sun goes down playtime doesn’t need to stop. The Twister 360 Stunt Car is fitted with a series of colored LED lights that are a visual amazing at night

  • Real car sounds & music A sensory delight, the Twister 360 has real car engine sounds to add to the experience. Sometimes drive time simply feels more pleasurable with music playing and other times you prefer a quiet drive. You decide, simply activate or deactivate the built-in sound & music as you wish
  • Zero interference with limitless multiple car use: The Twister 360 Stunt Car is a quality 2.4GHz RC toy. Each car has a transmitter that has a 'signature' or 'unique ID' in the signal sent out. Effectively, it has a receiver trained to listen to only one particular signal through a process called 'binding'. Once the receiver has gone through binding, it is safe from all other 2.4GHz signals in the area. So get your crew's fleet together and start planning some serious fun! Setting up an obstacle challenge course is half the fun :)
  •  It’s powerful, unbreakable, works with any USB charger and it’s sheer bliss to watch the kids (big & little ones alike) get so much pleasure from it! Not to forget to mention the extra outdoor bonding time they receive with it is a big bonus too.


1 x Remote control vehicle
1 x Remote controller
1 x Watch remote control
1 x Remote control car charging USB cable
1 x Watch charging line
1 x Remote control car battery


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